On top of a result-oriented approach, our strong values drive each intervention given by our facilitators, coaches and trainers.


At WASABE we believe a person-centred learning approach, where empathy, caring about trainees, and genuineness on the part of the learning facilitator are found to be the key traits of the most effective trainers and coaches.


Collective intelligence, collaboration and collective impact leads to both, individual and group success. Increased leadership and innovating forms of self-managing teams based on collectiveness is a new challenge we like to tackle.


Trust is the belief and confidence in integrity, reliability and fairness in a person or organization. As an essential human value, it quantifies and define our interdependence in our relationships with others. Trust is the foundation of durable relationships.


To work in a truly collaborative team culture means having the ability to self-reflect and understand the feelings and ideas of the other, even when you disagree. Empathy builds strong and resilient relationships. Personal and business empathy go hand in hand.


Learning requires a continuous and intense focus. It is important to have some fun while doing it. People who use humour at work are more productive, less stressed and happier.