Our Team

Valérie Godin

Happiness at work is my leitmotif. Through my interventions, I want to bring participants to a higher level of autonomy, creativity and engagement. I believe that being proud of what we do, gives us a sense of our life and contributes to a higher degree of commitment and pleasure.

Didier Demaeght

When it comes to human development I believe even the sky isn’t the limit. Together we can unleash unexpected potentials in all of us if we dare to leave our comfort zone. When the feeling of growth leads to new levels of well-being, personal development becomes a lifestyle.

Cécile Coonen

“I deeply believe in the human potential in organizations, in everyone’s ability to evolve. I believe in the strength of a team, its ability to find common sense and to co-create together. My purpose: to allow everyone to surpass themselves and grow.”

Marie-Laure Smagghe

Inspired by genuine interest in people, I love to work with them, individually and in teams. It is so great to see when the magic happens, and people reconnect with each other. When they discover their own talents, their differences, their complementarity and see new ways of collaboration emerge.

We work with a team of reliable expert freelancers with whom we have had the pleasure to collaborate for several years, sharing our values and trained to WASABE learning process.