Toolbox: practical sheets for each training

Your ToolBox contains, in the form of didactic cards, the tools, concepts and methods seen during the training.
Its permanent update and tailor-made development makes it unique.

The delegated meeting

Suggest and share the roles needed for a good meeting conduct. This will increase the efficiency in decision-making. It can be used in all meeting contexts.

Number: 5 to 15 participants
Duration: 30 to 50 minutes
  • Manage the dynamics of the team
  • Support orientation, decision making
  • Optimize time management
  • Encourage learning in collaborative mode
  • Facilitator
  • Decision-driver
  • Pacer
  • Coach
  1. Distribution of roles in the team: Facilitator, Decision-driver, Pacer, Coach.
  2. The frame is defined: rules of play, subject, time, constraint(s).
  3. The process is related to the objective pursued:
    • exchange meeting,
    • problem solving,
    • decision-making.
  • Establish a regular rotation of roles.
  • Use a rotation chart.

REF: Robert Dilts, Elisabeth Falcone, Isabelle Meiss, Gilles Roy, The Periceo Tool, USA, Dilts Strategy Group, 2019, 96 p.

This practical support is, beyond an educational support, a benchmark when implementing tools in the field.
In a user-friendly format, the ToolBox demonstrates a logical structure that makes you want to practice new skills and come back to them when needed.