Wasabe: a unique learning process

Wake Up

Wake up phase to stimulate the desire to learn and change.

Readiness check of one’s personal position related to the requested change.


Change? What’s in it for me?

Open to new concepts and tools.


Strengthening and developing new skills collectively.

Individual commitment to implement new habits.


Application of new tools and concepts.

Transfer to daily work


Transform learning into habits through coaching on the field.

Adopt a new state of mind in the long term.

Wake-up: We firmly believe that learning new habits starts with a phase of awakening participants, to stimulate their desire to learn and highlight the need for change.

Acknowledge: Next, an awareness is needed for participants to open up to new the concepts proposed.

Strengthen: The reinforcement phase consolidates the skills acquired.

Apply: We identify with the group the best ways to apply the new tools and concepts on a daily basis.

BE: At the end of the training, we help participants transform their learning into habits so that they change their way of life and we support them with coaching on the field.