All our personal coaching interventions are focused on bringing the coachee to:

  • a higher level of competence;
  • a desired change of behaviour;
  • an increased self-confidence in his/her capacities.

Our interventions are based on the tripartite
Coachee – Sponsor – Coach.

The sponsor detects a need of improvement for the coachee. This can be i.e. the result of a lack of efficiency, the need to improve people management or even someone who is in pre-burnout.

The sponsor meets the most appropriated Wasabe-Coach. Every coach has his/her preferred domains. During this first (free) meeting the Coach will interview the sponsor to gather a maximum information on “where he wants to bring the coachee”, what is his aim?

After this confidential exchange a meeting will take place between the Coachee and theCoach. During this (free) meeting the Coach will interview the Coachee on his/her objectives he/she wants to reach with the coaching. The coach will now also check if the sponsor and coachee are aligned on the predefined targets. Last but not least the Coach and Coachee must have the feeling that they match together and a mutual motivation will bring the coachee to a higher level.

Once the Coachee and the Coach agrees on the fit to work together, the Coaching-agreement is signed.

The coaching sessions of +/- 75 minutes can start.

We typically foresee a Sigmund Potential test before starting the coaching sessions.

This is a very effective tool to start a coaching journey (typically of 6 coaching sessions).

The Wasabe-Coaches have all their own preferred tools for their interventions: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Transactional Analysis, Emotional Intelligence… We believe a large mix of intervention-techniques together with a vast experience is absolutely necessary to ensure highly effective Coaching-Journeys.