WASABE – a unique learning process

Wake up

Understand and integrate individually the need for change. Accept the actual state of mind and the desired one. We first ensure that everyone endorses the objective and image a WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).


Yet it’s good to know where we are going. Now it’s important to measure the current level of knowledge with accurate questioning and most of the time with a down-to-earth self-diagnosis. We are ready to pick up the journey now.


New concepts, new tools and often new behaviors are shared and built up together. We apply inductive and deductive methods, individual and collective intelligence. Generational and multicultural differences are considered as an asset and eye-opener.


The transfer to the participant’s work-environment is a delicate phase. We will alternate training methods to put the advantages of the learning at the top of the mind of each participant. We let collective intelligence emerge at its highest degree.


The training will be successful when participants « feel » the upcoming change in their daily activities. This status of Be(ing) is a conscious one of acceptance and effective action. Everyone is now ready to Be: a great listener, a leader, a creative, a conflict handler, a problem solver…or whatever the operational goal of the learning could be.