Understanding your needs,
your people and processes,
your strengths, weaknesses and challenges,
your vision, mission, values and goals.

In the Awareness phase, we make a deep dive into your business:

  • Where do you want to go?
  • What challenges will you be facing ?
  • What results would you like to achieve?
  • Do your people have the skills & knowledge to succeed?
  • What are driving and restraining forces that will make you move forward?
  • What are your short- medium- and long-term goals and the gaps to fill in?


Define the scope,
Identify the gaps,
Find creative and performant solutions collectively.

In the Breakthrough phase, we open all boundaries to creative minds to let the best ideas emerge.

Therefore we:

  • identify areas of development,
  • challenge all levels that are affected by the change (environment, behaviour, competencies, beliefs, identity, purpose),
  • organise collective creativity sessions,
  • define the most valuable actions to reach the goals.


Design based on past, current and desired culture,
Co-designing with stakeholders,
Co-creation of the journey.

In the Design phase, we conceptualise the path to follow to reach the desired situation.

Therefore we:

  • co-create the “change pathway” with the key milestones,
  • define possible obstacles and plan actions to overcome them,
  • develop and test via a pilot,
  • review & finalise the program,
  • share with the key stakeholders for the final go-live.


Exploring concepts and ideas
Sharing knowledge and expertise
Learning new skills, processes and techniques

We help you implement changes thanks to:

  • collective intelligence learning experiences,
  • coaching,
  • team thinking activities,
  • habit change sessions.


Integrate learnings at all levels,
Transfer learnings to the field,
Enhance and elevate performance,
Translate learning into new habits delivering improved results.

We reinforce the development of new habits by:

  • individual coaching to support people in respecting new habits
  • field coaching for teams to speedup and ground new rules and habits
  • celebrate success

Recent missions:

“We need to change our meeting culture: we have way too many meetings, a bad decision-making process and people have the feeling that they lose their time.”

“We have decided to implement home-working but neither the staff neither the concerned employees are ready for it.”

“Our digital department grows from 10 to 30 people. We have to define new ways of working together. With a majority of digital natives, we want to keep a flat structure.”

“We have to build our strategy plan for 2020-2025. We want to have everybody on board.”

“We would like to create self-steering teams. People have to resolve operational problems themselves. We think there is a high potential for working in collective intelligence.”